Prince George Therepeutic Riding Association

The Prince George Therapeutic Riding Association (PGTRA) offers therapeutic and recreational horseback riding to children and adults with disabilities. By focusing on the ability of each rider, our program complements the other types of treatment given to physically, mentally, or emotionally disabled individuals.

Our program strives for the highest standard of safety and instruction. We work with our instructors to help them achieve certification well as volunteers. We encourage people to come and watch our lessons. Our riders enjoy the spectators, and try even harder when they know people are watching.

A Place Where Everyone Can Ride

Where all abilities find the path to joy on horseback.

Making Genuine Connections

Building lifelong friendships through shared experiences in the saddle.

Advanced Equine Therapy

Unleashing the healing power of horses through therapeutic riding.

What We do

We are dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities by focusing on their abilities through recreational riding, ensuring the highest standards of safety and instruction in a safe, nurturing environment. Our vision is to create a space where everyone, including our equine partners, thrives joyfully. We envision a future where therapeutic riding fosters happiness, fulfillment, and inclusivity. Our core values of inclusivity, positivity, respect, safety, and personal growth guide us in creating a welcoming community that embraces all abilities. Our unwavering commitment ensures the best possible experience for everyone who joins us.