Our Horses


Spirit is a Paint gelding who was born in 2013. He has been with the program since 2019, he stands 15.3 hands high. Spirit loves to be a clown and play with the props in the arena. Orange is his favourite colour. Spirit is like a puppy, he loves to be with people and is always in your space trying to get attention. Spirit is owned by PGTRA.


Fancy is a bay Quarterhorse mare that was born in 2000. She has been with the program since 2018, she stands 15.1 hands high. Fancy has been used for dressage, hunter/jumper and gymkhana competitions. She loves being a lesson horse and is super gentle, she would be described as bomb proof. Fancy is owned by Brynn Parke and is leased to our Head Instructor Connie Taylor.


Tramp is a red roan Quarterhorse mare that was born in 2006, she has been with the program since 2016 she is 15.3 hands high. Tramp has been used for dressage and jumping in the past. She is extremely gentle, more woah than go and is fantastic for beginner riders. Tramp is currently our lift horse, and Tramp is owned by PGTRA.


Myrissko is a Fjord gelding that was born in 2013, he has been with the program since 2020, he stands 14.1 hands high. His breed is a draft horse so he is bred for pulling carts in colder weather. He is trained for both saddle riding and cart pulling, and he has always worked with riders with diverse abilities. Myrissko is our Cart Horse for our Cart Program. He is very playful and loves attention, he will happily go through your pockets looking for treats and will follow you around like a puppy dog. Myrissko is owned by PGTRA.


Piper is a grey Quarterhorse mare who was born in 2010, she was bred to be a barrel racer but isn’t competitive enough, so we got lucky and she joined our program. Her first year with the program was 2022, she stands 15.3 hands high. Piper does excellent on a lead line but also has some energy and likes to go faster so is great for our more advanced riders. She is very gentle and smart and willingly takes on any new task we give her. Piper is taking some time off to become a mom, but we are hoping to have her back this fall. Piper is owned by our Head Instructor Connie Taylor.


Mary is a sorrel Canadian Warmblood mare who was born in 2002. She started with PGTRA in 2023. She is a draft type horse who is great for our larger riders. She started out in Ontario training riders for the RCMP Musical ride, then went to Alberta to become a ranch horse. She is great on the trails and prior to coming to PGTRA she had some time off to be a mom. She is very steady under saddle and is a great addition to the program. Mary is owned by our Head Instructor Connie Taylor.


Charlie is our newest addition to PGTRA. Charlie is a paint mare that was born in 2006. She is our smallest horse standing at only 14.1 hh and has the most expressive eyes. Charlie is still learning to be a therapeutic riding horse but her desire to please and her willingness under saddle will allow her to do really well in the program.  She has a wonderfully smooth trot, and a nice lope which will allow our riders to develop those skills. Charlie is owned by our Head Instructor Connie Taylor.

Horses Who Have Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge


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